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What does LSD it resemble?
LSD is typically sold as little squares of paper with pictures on them, known as tabs or blotting surfaces.

LSD can likewise be sold as a fluid or as small pellets, known as miniature spots.

What does it taste/smell like?
LSD Liquid(frequently called liquid acid) has no taste by any means. LSD tabs taste like the paper.

What does DMT it resemble?
A white translucent powder or solid, when in its unadulterated structure
A yellow, orange or pink powder or strong, when not unadulterated – which is more normal
A caramel/green home grown blend, when blended in with spices to make changa
A caramel/red fluid when part of an ayahuasca mix
What does it taste/smell like?
DMT has an exceptionally impressive and strange smell and taste which individuals have compared to consumed plastic and new shoes.

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